Earth: Voices of a Planet

Paul Winter

Released 1990

Run Time: 58 minutes, 40 seconds

Produced by: Russ Landau, Paul Winter, Eugene Friesen, Rhonda Larson,    Paul Halley

©℗1990 Earth Music Productions, LLC

Earth: Voices of a Planet was commissioned for the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, 1990, and was premiered in Times Square at the Earth Day New York events by the Paul Winter Consort and special guests. Featuring the voices of  spotted owl, elephants, uirapurú (musical wren), Australian lyrebird, European blackbird, and Weddell seal calls.

Musicians include Paul Winter, soprano sax; Eugene Friesen, cello; David Darling, cello; Paul Halley, keyboards, organ; Rhonda Larson, flute;  Paul McCandless, oboe; Kenny Mazur, guitar; Mark Perchanok, Heckelphone;  John Clark, French horn; Glen Velez, percussion; Guilherme Franco, percussion; Thiago de Mello, percussion, voice, guitar; Kwaku Dadey, drums;  Paul Wertico, drums; Russ Landau, bass; Kenny Mazur, guitar; the Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble, vocals; Steve Turre, didgeridoo; Paul Berliner, kudu horn.

“A fabulous CD. Each track represents a different continent. And on each track Winter has mixed natural sounds from that location with his saxophone and the other musicians.” 

– Gontroppo (musician and piano teacher)


“This musical offering was created by the Paul Winter Consort and friends to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Earth Day. “Earth: Voices of a Planet” is another release that does a good job of showcasing the diverse creativity of this group’s work, with a special focus on their efforts to collaborate with wildlife and the environment. The tone of the album tends toward the classically symphonic and avant garde as the consort staples of pipe organ, cello, flute, saxophone, piano and French horn blend with the calls of elephants, whales and birds, and the sounds of water and wind. Moods of the compositions range from cheerful to mysterious, playful to respectful. As in much of Winter’s work, the animals are often allowed to take the lead while the human musicians follow along, respectfully and artfully arranging their melodies and harmonies around the voices of their creature counterparts. Also as usual, the music is fascinating to follow: never boring and never the same. Yet there is a continuity to the Winter Consort’s work and a consistency to their voice. Drawing inspiration from many corners of the world, these musicians consistently find ways to blend diverse elements into a harmonious and triumphant whole. Defying traditional categorizations like jazz, classical, ethnic or New Age, their music creates a style unto itself, and one well worth hearing!” – Brianna Neal (listener)


Paul Winter | soprano saxophone

Eugene Friesen | cello

Rhonda Larson | flute

John Clark | French horn

Paul McCandless | oboe

Paul Halley | keys

Russ Landau | bass

Paul Wertico | drums

Glen Velez | percussion

Kenny Mazure | steel-string guitar

Ted Moore | percussion

Kwaku Dadey | Ghanaian drums

David Darling | cello

Paul Berliner | kudu horn. percussion

Thiago de Mello | voice, guitar, rainstick, “jungle-mouth” drum, whistles

Steve Turre | didjeridu

Guilherme Franco | surdo (Brazilian samba drum), agogo

The Dimitri Pokrovsky Singers: Maria Nefedova, Elena Sidorenko, Tamara Smyslova, Anna Konukhova, Nina Savitskaya, Irina Ponomaryova

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