Greatest Hits

Paul Winter

Released 1998

Run Time: 2 hours, 9 minutes

Produced by: Paul Winter

©℗1998 Earth Music Productions, LLC

Paul Winter’s Special Edition Greatest Hits album is a playlist that travels through a range of music traditions, offering an aural feast for Living Music fans as well as a great introduction for new listeners to the label. Living Music founder Paul Winter, saxophonist, composer and explorer of the world’s musical traditions, has created an award-winning body of work that transcends categories. Musical milestones are gathered here in a collection of 30 tracks from his Grammy Award-winning albums and from Living Music artists Pete Seeger, Nóirín Ní Riain, Oscar Castro-Neves, Eugene Friesen, Paul Halley, the Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble, Karan Casey, Davy Spillane and includes a number of new recordings of Living Music classics.

“Saxophonist Paul Winter isn’t the kind of artist you associate with ‘greatest hits.’ He has, however, won a few Grammies, been associated with some memorable compositions, and almost single-handedly launched the world chamber music movement, spawning the careers of Oregon, David Darling, Glen Velez, and many others. Over the course of his nearly 40 years of recordings, soprano saxophonist Paul Winter has explored a world of sound, literally. His group, the Paul Winter Consort, was created as an umbrella for Renaissance airs, jazz improvisation, Indian rhythms, and classical repertoire in an elegant, always melodic sound. ‘Greatest Hits’ covers a career remarkable for its all-embracing scope. The sambas of guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves have been a favorite of the saxophonist, and he re-arranges the Winter Consort theme song, “Icarus,” a la Brazil. The frame drumming of Glen Velez percolates through a couple of tunes from Canyon, and original Riverdance piper Davy Spillane guests on a pair of pieces from the Celtic Solstice album. Winter plays duets with wolves, Grand Canyon echoes, humpback whales, and Paul Halley’s pipe organ. This is a great survey from one of the important musicians in modern instrumental music ” 

John Diliberto 


Paul Winter | soprano saxophone, e-flat contrabass sarrusophone

Eugene Friesen | cello

Phil Ayling | oboe

Rhonda Larson | flute

Warren Luening | piccolo trumpet

Oscar Castro-Neves | guitar, piano

Dave Carpenter | bass

Alex Acuna | drums

Cassio Duarte | percussion  

Nancy Rumbel | English horn

Jim Scott | classical guitar

Ted Moore | tanpura, percussion

Paul Halley | keys

Viki Sylva | harmonium

Davy Spillane | Uilleann pipes

Glen Velez | percussion

Nilson Matta | bass

Paulo Braga | drums

Eliot Wadopian | bass

John Clark | French horn

Susan Osborn | voice

Russ Landau | bass

Kimati Dinizulu | percussion

Guilherme Franco | percussion

Paul McCandless | oboe

David Darling | cello

Gary King | bas

Steve Gadd | drums

Michael Holmes | keyboards

John Clark, French horn

Ralph Towner | classical guitar

Herb Bushler | Fender bass

Collin Walcott | percussion

Karan Casey | vocal

John Guth | steel-string guitar

Robert Chappell | keys

Laudir de Oliveira | water drum

Noirin Ni Riain | voice and supeti

Steve Gorn | bansuri

Ira Landgarten | tanpura

Pete Seeger | voice and banjo

Howard Levy | harmonica

David Flink | bass

The Union Baptist Singers | chorus

The Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble: Dmitri Pokrovsky, Maria Nefedova, Alexander Danilov, Elena Sidorenko, Sergei Zhirkov, Tamara Smyslova, Arthur Partosh, Anna Konukhova, Andrei Kotov, Nini Savistkaya, Dmitri Fokin, Vladimir Teplov, Irina Ponomaryova, Sergei Grigoriev

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