Morning Sun: Adventures with Oboe

Paul McCandless; Paul Winter Consort

Released 2017

Run Time: 66 minutes

Produced by: Paul Winter and Oscar Castro-Neves

©℗2017 Earth Music Productions, LLC

Morning Sun: Adventures with Oboe is a  retrospective celebrating 45 years of genre-bending iconic mastery featuring Paul McCandless with the Paul Winter Consort. It is dedicated to McCandless’ fellow oboist, the late Sir George Martin, the famed producer of albums by the Beatles, as well as the Paul Winter Consort’s album, Icarus. In his autobiography, Playback, Martin gave the Consort the accolade of a lifetime, referring to Icarus as “the finest record I have ever made.”

Accompanying the album is a 32-page booklet containing an engaging chronicle by Paul Winter that presents a first-person account of the Paul Winter Consort’s history and the memorable times Winter has shared with Paul McCandless through the years, as well as notes on each track and selected photos.

With this anthology, I set out to gather a treasury of Paul McCandless’ masterful playing and found that it also became, quite unintentionally, a retrospective of the Consort – the most extensive yet done. Listening through the entire album, I am thrilled with every note” 

Paul Winter



Paul McCandless | oboe, English horn

Paul Winter | soprano sax. contrabass sarrusophone

David Darling  | cello

Ralph Towner | 12-string guitar, harmonium

Herb Bushler | electric bass

Collin Walcott | triangle, tabla, drums

John Clark | French horn

Eugene Friesen | cello

Paul Halley | piano



Glen Velez | percussion

Don Grusin | keyboard

Glen Moore | bass

Renato Braz | voice, guitar

Sizão Machado | bass

Gordon Gottlieb | drums

Bré | percussion

Paul Sullivan | piano

Eliot Wadopian | bass

Jamey Haddad | drums


Steve Gadd | drums

Oscar Castro-Neves | guitar

Jim Scott | vocal

Living Music Village | chorus

Café | percussion

Tim Brumfield | organ

Steve Gorn | bansuri

Voices of Nature: Uguisu, African Fish Eagle, Whooping Crane

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