Renato Braz

Released 2015

Run Time: 72 minutes 10 seconds

Produced by: Paul Winter, Dixon Van Winkle, and Kit Thomas

©℗2015 Earth Music Productions, LLC

Regarded in Brazil as “the João Gilberto of the 21th century,” Renato Braz is presented here in his debut album for the US, along with the Paul Winter Consort, Dori Caymmi, Ivan Lins, and The Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble. With his sublime clarion voice, Renato sings 15 of the most beautiful songs ever to come out of Brazil, composed by Dori Caymmi, Edu Lobo, Ivan Lins, Chico Buarque, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Theo de Barros, Mario Gil, and Oscar Castro-Neves. The album is imbued with the spirit of longing the Brazilians describe with their word “saudade.”

“From the first strains of “Anabela” I am hypnotized by the haunting voice of Renato Braz. He has a smooth, melancholy, infectious style that heralds Brazilian culture with romantic, Portuguese tones. I don’t need to understand the lyrics, because the beauty of his voice and his emotional delivery says it all. On his first CD release in the U.S., he offers fifteen songs bred and beloved in Brazil. His elegant delivery entices you to love them too.” 

 Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs



Renato Braz | Voice, Guitar, and Percussion

Ivan Lins | Keys and Voice

Paul Winter | Soprano Saxophone

Paul McCandless | Oboe & English Horn

Eugene Friesen | Cello

Teco Cardoso | Bamboo Flute and G Flute

Dori Caymmi | Acoustic Guitar

Gerson Oikawa | Acoustic Guitar

Mario Gil | Acoustic Guitar



Theo de Barros | Acoustic Guitar

Webster Santos | 12-String Guitar

Gerson Pikawa | Electric Guitar

Toninho Ferragutti | Accordion

Don Grusin | Piano

Nelson Ayres | Piano

Paul Sullivan | Piano

Altamir Salinas | Violin

Ayrton Pinto | Violin

Estela Ortiz | Viola


Watson Clis | Cello

Sergio Brandao | Bass

Nilson Matta | Bass

Sizao Machado | Bass

Paulo Martins | Bass

Eliot Wadopian | Bass

Gordon Gottlieb | Drums

Jamey Haddad | Drums

Cafe | Percussion

Bre | Percussion

Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble | Chorus


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