Paul Winter Consort

Released 1972

Run Time: 39 minutes 49 seconds

Produced by: George Martin


The Renowned Album by the Original Paul Winter Consort Produced by George Martin

This is a classic Consort album whose title song has become the group’s signature piece. Produced by Beatles’ mentor George Martin, who describes it as “the finest album I’ve ever made.”

“This 1972 classic captures saxophonist Paul Winter and his ensemble at the height of their improvisational powers. Winter was one of the first artists to incorporate such exotic instruments as the sitar and tabla into his music and the result was memorable chamber jazz-folk played in the wonderfully experimental, post-hippie way only Winter and his merry band could. The title track, one of guitarist Ralph Towner’s compositions, became famous for its pensive melody and soaring soprano sax. “Whole Earth Chant” is a piece that foreshadows New Age artists like Loreena McKennitt with its echoing tribal drums interwoven with ominous distorted guitar. And “Minuit” downright borders on what today some would call world music–it features a choir of voices singing a simple, sauntering melody taken from a Guinean folk song. Classic early ’70s Winter.” 

Karen Karleski


Icarus is a treat. There are kernels here of things to come, hints of the wildly original stylings which will help define Winter’s unique brand of Earth-based music.” – Rambles



Paul Winter | soprano sax, vocals 

David Darling| cello, vocals 

Paul McCandless | oboe, English horn, contrabass Sarrusophone, vocals 

Ralph Towner | classical guitar, 12-string guitar, piano, Regal, bush organ, vocals 

Herb Bushler | bass 

Collin Walcott | conga, tabla, mridangam, surdos, traps, kettledrums, bass marimba, sitar


Andrew Tracey | resonator guitar, voice (‘Minuit’) 

Billy Cobham | traps (‘Sunwheel’, ‘Whole Earth Chant’) 

Milt Holland | Ghanaian percussion (‘Whole Earth Chant’) 

Larry Atamanuik | traps (‘Icarus’) 

Barry Altschul | random percussion (‘Chehalis and Other Voices’)

Janet Johnson, Paul Stookey, Bob Milstein | voices (‘Minuit’)


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