Missa Gaia / Earth Mass

Paul Winter

Released 1982

Run Time: 66 minutes

Produced by: Paul Winter, Oscar Castro-Neves, Chris Brown

©℗1982 Earth Music Productions, LLC

Integrating world music with songs from the wild to celebrate the whole earth as a sacred space, Missa Gaia is performed annually on the first Sunday in October in the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York. It was commissioned by the Dean of the Cathedral as a contemporary ecumenical Mass.

Recorded in the Grand Canyon and during two performances in the Cathedral, the album of this popular contemporary Mass for the Earth features the Paul Winter Consort, Susan Osborn, the voices of wolf, whale, eagle, harp seal, Amazonian musical wren, Russian loon, and the choruses of the Cathedral.

Winter and company have achieved a distinguished triumph in combining divergent music styles and imaginatively wedding voices, instrumentation and recorded sounds of a tundra wolf, canyon and musical wrens, harp seals, a flight of loons and singing humpback whales.

 The Boston Globe


Paul Winter | soprano sax

Nancy Rumbel | oboe and English horn

Eugene Friesen | cello

Jim Scott | classical and 12-string guitar

Susan Osborn | voice

Paul Halley | organ and piano

Ted Moore | percussion

Gordon Johnson | bass

Jim Saporito | percussion

Guilherme Franco | percussion

Phil Markowitz | piano on ‘Beatitudes’

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